WHQL Pre-Testing

WHQL (Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs) is a process designed to certify that a device is compatible with Microsoft operating systems and to ensure a better end-user experience with your product.


Devices that have passed WHQL rigorous testing are ensured to be easy to use, stable, work well with other applications and devices that also bear the Designed for Windows Logo, and install/uninstall properly on the computer. Companies whose devices pass this series of tests are qualified to display the Microsoft Windows logos and can be listed on Microsoft's Hardware Compatibility List (HCL), www.microsoft.com/hcl/. The products that appear on this list have all been designed and tested to meet the requirements of the Microsoft "Designed for Windows" Logo Program.

WHQL Benefits:

  • Exhaustive, automated stress testing on a variety of system platforms and operating system variants improves driver test coverage.
  • Passing drivers can be automatically put on the Windows Update site, and will automatically be downloaded to the end-user as required.
  • Passing devices are added to the Microsoft Hardware Compatibility List.
  • Signing drivers prevents tampering, and reduces the number of messages during user installation.
  • Helps Microsoft and test centers support the device.
  • Reduces/eliminates the number of support calls from end-users to your company.
For more information on WHQL, see http://www.microsoft.com/hwtest/.


Microsoft now requires that any device submitted for WHQL must first pass USB interoperabilty and Command Verifier (CV) tests. This can present additional costs and production delays for your company when trying to put such a test infrastructure in-house.

Why use MCCI?

For more than 11 years, the MCCI® Test Lab has been one of the few USB-IF certified test labs in the world to offer USB certification to its customers. By using our expert testing facilities in preparing Microsoft WHQL test submissions, MCCI will:

  • perform the USB interoperability tests now required by Microsoft in order to submit your device for WHQL testing.
  • perform WHQL testing for a variety of USB devices, including network adapters, serial ports, broadband modems, GPS devices, mobile phones, security devices, and ADSL adapters; to name a few.
  • prepare the bulk of the WHQL submission package for you, based on your input. You simply do the final submission.

Contact MCCI for WHQL Pre-Testing and/or Questions:
Phone: +1-607-277-1029, Ext. 105
Email: testing@mcci.com

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